Daggers and Pearl Wrap by Natalie Frigo

Pearls never go out of style. This piece, made with Biwa freshwater pearls, is a modern take on the pearl necklace and can also be worn as a wrap bracelet!

Natalie Frigo sculpts all of her designs by hand in her lower Manhattan studio. Her inspiration ranges from early metallurgy and textile design to recent architectural developments, culminating in a collection that is contemporary, but by referencing venerable artifacts, also feels timeless.

Natalie Frigo commits to using conflict-free stones in all of her pieces.

Natalie Frigo, Recycled + Made in New York City + Artisan Made

Jesse Ayala

New York, New York, USA

Developing social good and value-adding products, Ayala seeks to enhance culture and behavior through experiences that address both macro- and micro-level problems. This mantra has led Ayala down an non-traditional career path, linking fashion, technology, performance art, media, education, community building, and design. Ayala has been honored by the Huffington Post and InStyle magazine for innovation and style in the digital new economy. Ayala is the co-founder and Creative Director of Modavanti.com.