Would You Want To MAke This Shirt?

By now you've probably read or heard about the cost of fast fashion.  It's largely been a race to the bottom, where volume and low quality are supposed to be  the winning combination.  Over the years we have been successfully programmed to feel like we aren't doing well if we don't get a great deal, or if we don't have something new for that next occasion.  But do we actually like the clothes we are buying, and do they last? Are they well made and are they healthy?  It's rare that we think of clothes effecting our health, but unfortunately toxic dyes and chemicals make their way into our clothes and environment because of poor regulation and cheap manufacturing.  In cheap production, people also suffer along the way by not earning a living wage and working in compromising conditions, in essence living a life of modern day slavery.   

Not all clothes are made cheaply, but you have to ask yourself when you buy that inexpensive shirt that seems too good to be true, that maybe it is too good to be true.  If you had to take responsibility of the production of that shirt would you want to?