Why You Should Meditate At Work: Why "Me" Time is so Important

Emails!!! So many freaking emails. Between the 821315 emails that somehow made it to your inbox from 2 am to 8 am and the 14 meetings you have scheduled you. are. completely. overloaded. 

To get through it all you drink half a gallon of coffee to focus.

Which in turn gives you the jitters. 

It's a vicious cycle that we can all face. Fortunately there is one easy way to clear your mind, calm your body and refocus your energy towards what's important: meditation.

But you're at work all day,  right? That's ok. Squeeze in a few meditation moments or minutes. 

Here's how:

When you only have a moment, switch gears, literally, and slow your mind down.  That conscious shifting down will allow you to take a deep breath,  focus on something arbitrary like a crack in the wall, or a detail on the conference desk.  Calm down and let your thoughts go to that one thing.  Once regrouped, go towards re entry. 

Have a few minutes?  Take the moment above and make it last longer. Enjoy it and let things settle down so you have a better perspective on things.  Don't think of what needs to be done, or what you need to tackle, but allow yourself this time to regenerate.  Do this as a gift to yourself, like giving yourself a giant hug. You won't regret it.