Whitening Your Toilet Bowl ... Keeping It Clean Without Making it Toxic


You've gotten your white jeans out and whitened your teeth.  Spring is in the air and you are ready to party.  But have you thought about your toilet?!  Time to match your refreshed look with yes, a bright gleaming toilet to match.   

Ok, it sounds silly to be obsessed with clean toilets, but when you wake up in the morning you'd be surprised how great you feel when you're greeted with no grime, no ring, no hard water stains, no discolored toilet bowl that makes you cringe.  Is that really what we want to see first thing in the morning, or for that matter last thing at night?!

You might be used to going down the grocery aisle and buying toilet bowl cleaner, but boy does that have nasty stuff in it and you know it can't be good when it's poisonous when ingested, inhaled or gets in your eyes.  Cleaning products are responsible for almost 10% of toxic exposure reported to the US Poison Control Centers, and toilet bowl cleaners rank in the top 3 of the most acutely dangerous.  As you can imagine if it's not good for you it's also not good for your septic system if you have one, or for the environment.

An easy solution to cleaning toilets that actually works is making a simple paste of vinegar and baking soda.   So get your gloves on and try this simple recipe. 

Flush the toilet to wet the sides of the bowl. 
Take a cup of white vinegar and enough baking soda to form a paste (2 boxes should do it).

Take the paste and apply it to the inside of the bowl and don't forget the rim as it will get rid of bacteria too
Allow to sit for several hours or overnight
Scrub thoroughly with a toilet brush until the bowl sparkles