What These YouTubers Have to Say About Conscious Fashion

I'm the type of person that is most inspired by images. I can get lost in the vortex that is Instagram learning new tips, getting my fill of comedy, and gaining life and style inspiration. But after launching our first YouTube series with EcoCult's talented Alden Wicker, we decided to create a list of conscious fashion YouTubers for all you video people.

Each of these vloggers has their own style, but they all focus on is simplifying your life - whether that is through capsule wardrobes or healthier lifestyle choices - so you don't have to start every morning like Jenna Marbles (her video may be NSFW, depending on where you work):

How Not To Wake Up + Get Dressed

Now For Some real inspiration

My Green Closet

If you're thinking of taking the Project333 Challenge, this channel is for you. Erin has a playlist dedicated to explaining how she put together four seasons of capsule wardrobes (each consisting of 33 items). She also does a great job discussing the latest sustainable fashion news, talking about alternatives to 'traditional' fashion options, and exploring the world of natural beauty.  

Melissa Alexandria

A self-proclaimed vegan minimalist, Melissa focuses not only on fashion and beauty, but also food and entertainment. Her channel is about an overall positive, minimalist lifestyle. What makes Melissa so relatable is her back story. Previously a shopaholic, she discovered minimalism on a backpacking trip and started a journey to simplify her life.


Like the above two channels, Jamie experiments with capsule wardrobes. However, she also takes other wardrobe challenges like the Five Piece French Wardrobe Challenge, straying from the typical Project333. Our favorites are her seasonal videos about the eight most worn pieces in her closet, which makes us think more about our own wardrobes, what we wear most, and if we had to choose, what we would cut out.

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