What It's Like to Be A Raw Foodist

From our crush on conscious foodies' Insta feeds, we can't get enough of interesting and innovative new treats, which is why we are enthralled by Byrdie's interview with Angelica Xavier. In the interview, Angelica, who is a raw vegan and founder of GoodBites, a superfood snack company carried by Whole Foods, shares her typical eats. This includes chia pudding with fruit, which is simple to make and delicious (get the recipe). I've tried it, and didn't even realize it was raw vegan!

But let's take a step back for a second to understand what raw vegan even means. Like typical vegans, raw vegans don't eat any animal-based products, so no meat, cheese, eggs, etcetera. However, they take their diets a step further eating primarily uncooked and unprocessed foods - 'raw' food is considered food that hasn't been exposed to temperatures above 118 degrees fahrenheit. Though this seems overwhelming, Angelica makes our stomachs rumble with talks of endless smoothies and chocolate treats.

Though Angelica allows for a couple of cheat meals per week, she has found that a primarily raw vegan diet has allowed her to live a healthier lifestyle. When asked how she discovered a raw vegan diet she replied, "In an effort to heal myself and find a solution for a medical situation that could not be sufficiently addressed to Western medicine, I literally stumbled upon raw foodism. Researching the results that other people addressing illnesses had found through raw food, resonated with me as a viable solution.”

Angelica encourages everyone to sample this diet even if it doesn't turn into a lifestyle choice. Her advice is to practice moderation and start small. "If you are thinking of exploring a plant-based diet, I encourage and recommend that you start with a meal and a snack per day. It's easy enough to dedicate one meal and one snack a day that you enjoy solo or with your friends and family, and see where you take it from there."  Through her innovations with nutrient-dense, raw tasty treats, Angelica has proven that healthy, organic, non-processed food can be as tasty as ever.

NOTE: Angelica eats primarily vegan as a dietary choice, not a lifestyle choice. Her GoodBites raw chocolate truffles are not vegan. They contain honey.

Moral of the Story: Eating healthy can be tasty too - get creative. 

Photo Credits: Steamed Not Fried

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