Save the Arctic with Vivienne Westwood x Greenpeace

"What I want people to be able to do is to buy well, by first choosing well and then making it last. And I also believe that if everyone wore just a few beautiful things, there would not be such a climate change problem."  - Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood has been making history since 1971 when she opened her first shop and heavily influenced the punk movement with her edgy designs. Now, she is keeping the rebellious attitude of punk alive by using fashion in more political ways.

In 2011, she partnered with the Ethical Fashion Initiative and created a Handmade With Love collection. The products in this collection used recycled canvas, reused roadside banners, unused leather off-cuts, and recycled brass and were produced in a Kibera slum. In 2013, she began working with artisans in Burkina Faso. Pieces from the African Collection are available on Yoox.

Most recently, Westwood has become an advocate against climate change. She launched Climate Revolution to inform people about petitions, actions, and rallies to "save our future," and recently received backing from top celebs like Kate Moss and Hugh Grant for her Save the Arctic Tee. This tee is made of organic, unbleached cotton by workers at a twenty year old cooperative in Peru, and aims to raise awareness about Greenpeace's Save the Arctic campaign and drive people to sign their petition. Profits from sales of this tee are donated to the campaign. To learn more about it, watch the video below.

Moral of the Story: Saving the Arctic is all of our responsibility - wear it Proud and Spread the Word.

Photo Credit: Andy Gotts

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