To Infinity & Bracelet - Buzz Aldrin Inspires a USA Pride Bracelet

Buzz Aldrin is certainly a name you've heard before, and next to Kim Kardashian he is one of the most famous subjects of a single photo ever - as part of the first mission to the moon. While that first iconic moonwalk was nearly 50 years ago, our fascination with space travel and the unknown continues to inspire our imaginations from childhood to adulthood, from fantasy to reality. 50 years later, the moon has taken a backseat as we pave our way to Mars.  Buzz in his latest book talks about his vision for such a mission. 

This July, ethical bracelet designer Same Sky developed a bracelet to honor Buzz and his continued to work to inspire all of us. The bracelet series is part of a 4 bracelet Freedom Collection honoring America. Same Sky is dedicated to lifting HIV+ artisans in Rwanda through economic partnerships. Each sale of the Buzz Bracelet provides healthcare for 1 year to such artisans. 

Learn more about Same Sky's mission below and shop the collection here.

Jesse Ayala

New York, New York, USA

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