This Insane New Work Perk that is Set to Slow Down Fast Fashion

If you work for Conde Nast, lucky you! If not, they have job openings! Which you are going to want after hearing this insane work perk. Unless you work for a tech giant in The Valley, work perks usually amount to health care, maybe a discount at the gym and the periodic free breakfast or lunch. Conde Nast, is stepping it up a notch after it announced its partnership with Rent The Runway. 

The publishing giant announced earlier today that it is joining in on Rent The Runway's Unlimited program, which allows their customers to rent 3 items of jewelry/clothing at a time for an unlimited period for $139 a month. The program, which Rent The Runway unveiled in March, has been hailed as a groundbreaking success by everyone from USA Today, which called it a "game-changer" to Alternative to fast fashion (per Tech Insider). 

The idea, is great. Given how much we spend on clothing that we only wear twice and the fact that the average American throws away 68 lbs of clothing a year, we love the program. It is indeed a great alternative to fast fashion. 

What's even better for Conde Nast employees, is that they'll get the new program for $90 a mont, 1/3 off the regular price, while their employer picks up the rest. 

Individuals on Condé Nast's payroll will now get the option to sign up for the program, much like they would for a discounted health club membership, as a work perk. The publisher will then pick up part of the program's monthly fee. (Employees will be able to get Unlimited for $90 a month — about 35% off regular price — and Condé Nast will pay the difference, according to a Rent the Runway representative.) 

Rent the Runway customers will now have the ability to wear a large selection of brands from major fashion houses to up-and-coming designers without having to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of clothing their only going to wear once. 

Nice move, Conde Nast.