These Plants Take the Toxins Out of Your Homes

Let's be honest, when you pick a houseplant you probably choose based on three criteria: what's available at your local florist, what looks easy to carry (for New Yorkers at least) and what you think is easy to maintain (because, we can't be trusted every now and then not to miss a watering, or five). 

But next time you go shopping for a houseplant, you should add one more criteria to your checklist: how well your plants purify the air. Houseplants actually are incredibly beneficial to your homes: not only do they (literally) breathe new life into your place and add a nice natural touch to a room, they also purify the air. Plants have been known to improve air quality and to lower toxins nearby. But not all plants are equally effective. Some are better suited to consume and filter air-borne toxins and other nasty pollutants floating around. Fortunately, the experts at Love The Garden created this infographic about the best plants to improve your home's air quality based on a study done by NASA. But be sure to do your research before you buy these plants - some aren't agreeable to furry friends!

Moral of the story: Nothing beats nature. Instead of air fresheners that don't work and add chemicals to the air, just buy a few plants. If you want to live consciously, get in tune with nature. It's amazing what it can do to your health and happiness.