The #PowerofMakeup is More Than Skin Deep

Makeup is often criticized for covering up 'natural beauty.' Makeup shamers claim that women use it to show off for men or other women, to cover up their insecurities, to hide their true selves. And while there's no arguing that makeup is transformative, that doesn't mean that it can't be empowering too. Beauty vlogger Nikkie of NikkieTutorials confronts the makeup haters in her video The Power of Makeup where she only makes up half of her face, proving that she isn't afraid of the natural look, she just uses makeup to have fun.

"I feel like, in a way, lately it's almost a crime to love doing your makeup," she says. And she aims to change that.

Nikkie's #PowerofMakeup message has gone viral on Instagram and Twitter as women join the movement to say that they aren't afraid to show their 'true' faces, but they also aren't ashamed of loving makeup. The overwhelmingly positive response to this video isn't about being pro- or anti-makeup. It's about being confident about whatever beauty choices you make and conscious of why you make them and who you make them for. 

Whether drastic transformations or subtle changes, this hashtag is plastering Instagram with messages of confidence, encouragement, and body positivity. See our favorites below!

Moral of the Story: Beauty is more than skin deep, but if you want to wear makeup, go for it!