The Leading Designers and Brands in Sustainable Fashion

There is a poem often recited around Thanksgiving: 

There is so much good in the worst of us,
And so much bad in the best of us,
That it hardly behooves any of us
To talk ill about the rest of us.

It's a nice reminder that we are all human and all have our foibles. Yet though it is a valuable sentiment, the quote does not do justice to the goodness that exists around us.

We must believe that the light of humanity will shine through the darkness, particularly in light of the recent events. For us at Modavanti, we have to look no further than our incredible designers. 

Whether drawn to the craft by an interest in fashion or a desire to create change, whether they have taken up the cause of animal rights, environmental protection, social justice or promoting true craftsmanship, each designer and brand on Modavanti is building a better future not just for themselves but for the collective good. 

And what enormous good so many of these designers and brands are making. From Akola Project, which through its jewelry provides training, jobs, security and hope to women artisans in Uganda; to EcoAlf, which pulls harmful fishing nets and plastic bottles from the ocean and recycles them into high-tech performance wear; and to Bluer Denim, which sources each detail of their jeans from American mills and producers.

On this Thanksgiving, we are not only thankful for the brands that we support, but also for the growing community of conscious consumers like yourself, who are joining the sustainable fashion movement and voting for a better future with the purchases you make.