The Future of "Leather" Will be Pineapples

Sometimes you have to hand it to the future, it's pretty cool. The latest innovation that we are salivating over, is the possibility that Pineapple will be able to one day replace cowhides as 'leather.' Scientists have already found out ways to incorporate the husks of pineapples into a fibre called pina fibre.  Currently sourced primarily in the Phillippines, where pina fibres have long been used, pineapples are not only being used as a sustainable textile farmer but also a new source of leather. According to Carmen Hijosa, a leather expert and founder of pineapple leather substitute Pinatex, pineapple leather is, "Very fine. It has good strength and flexibility, which is really what we need to make a non-woven substrate." According to Ms. Hijosa, she also looked at other plants such as the fibers from bananas and sisal. But only pineapple fibers were strong and flexible enough to handle the manufacturing process that Ms. Hijosa felt necessary to create a high-end leather.


Large scale brands have taken notice with Puma having released several prototypes. Whether Pinatex will be reaching widespread adoption remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, the potential for leather alternatives has never been more promising.