The Deadly Chemicals in Non-Organic Cotton

Recently we came across this EJ Foundation report detailing the harmful toxins used in the production of cotton. The report is grim, but well worth a read (trust us, you're only going to want to shop Organic Cotton after this...)

Here are 3 alarming facts about the traditional cotton industry that we learned and below you can click the link for the whole report. 

1. Cotton farming is responsible for 16% of all global insecticides. For every hectare of cotton grown, a kilogram of harmful pesticides are sprayed.

2. A single drop of the pesticide aldicarb, absorbed through the skin can
kill an adult. Aldicarb is commonly used in cotton production and almost 1 million kilos is applied to cotton grown in the USA each year.  

3. A 2004 study conducted by researchers at the Technical University of
Lódz, in Poland, has shown that hazardous pesticides applied during
cotton production can also be detected in cotton clothing. Other studies have shown that those same pesticides appear in the breast milk of mothers.

We hope you will learn more from this critical report and consider switching to organic cotton. After all it is we the consumers who have the power to vote with our dollars. 

Read the full report here: