The Brave Collection, Reminding Us Of What Matters

If you have spent time traveling Cambodia, you'll know that there is a haunting beauty about the country and its people.  Steeped with history, with marvels such at the awe-inspiring ancient Angkor Wat temples, there is also a dark underside when during the1960’s and 70’s Pol Pat reigned his terror on his own people resulting in a genocide that killed almost a third of its population.  What can surprise is that with such a ravaging history, the Cambodian people have moved on from this past with a gentleness and landscape of smiles that are part of its buddhist culture.

This juxtaposition of profound beauty and devastating heartbreak, are what Jessica Hendricks has brought to her creation of The Brave Collection.   Not only is each piece symbolic -- each pendant speaks volumes about the courage we all need to live with grace,  but the designs are beautiful in their simple nature and lines;  the collection does not overwhelm, but instead reflects the culture of Cambodia in a modern way, that can be shared and understood by the world at large.  

Made by skilled artisans, each piece is carved and woven by hand with traditional techniques using brass, silver, gold and vermeil and provides work and skills to women of Cambodia at risk.  The Brave Collection also gives back by donating 10% of its profits to empower women against human trafficking.

Created to celebrate and empower,  join #courage is courageous.