The Art of Slow Living

 Making pasta at  Il Fontanaro , Italy.

Making pasta at Il Fontanaro, Italy.

It seems obvious enough that we should all take the time to live well.  That this is the crux of living a life fulfilled.  With all the distractions that make themselves into our lives,  it’s hardly the case however.  Whether it’s answering an email or text, maintaining social media, or keeping up with work and daily life, the adage seems to be more of noticing time having sped by rather than remembering the moments. 

With all the running around we are doing during the holidays, it might behoove us to take a lesson in slow living.  That’s what I did this fall when I joined Oreeko,  for their slow living conference at Il Fontanaro in Paciano, Italy.   While the name may have said “slow living” I was fully expecting a packed schedule of up to the hour daily meetings and accomplishments.  Instead, I found what I considered to be a vague timeline of what we planned to do….Italian style — pizza, pasta, wine, conversation. CHORUS REPEAT for the length of our weekend.  So while I personally didn’t know what to expect, the funny thing is that time took its own course.  Suddenly I was immersed within a community of bloggers, photographers, retailers, foodies and future farmers, and we all got to know each other, share stories, and glimpse into each other’s world and perspectives. 

It’s surprising and amazing to share so much relatively unplanned time with people you don’t know.  It throws you into another state of awareness that makes you appreciate others and their quirkiness, dreams and challenges, and makes you feel like yes, we are all different but here looking for the same thing.  I can best describe that “thing” as being those moments joyfully suspended in time…those moments we inevitably find meaning in.

Which brings me back to our everyday lives.  Permit yourself to take a break and enjoy yourself and those around you.  Whatever you may be doing let go of thinking of how it will start and when it will end and all the things you need to do in between.  Whether a busy or quietly spent day,  we can hit the pause button and have a moment…and REPEAT.