3 TED Talks That Will Change the Way You Think About Fashion

We've grown up in a fashion system where new styles come out every season (or every other week for some fast fashion giants), and every season we want something new. As consumers, the system is constantly making us feel like if we don't have the latest and greatest, we're behind. But part of being a conscious consumer is saying no, being a rebel, making your own rules. These three women take three different approaches to conscious consumption - buying secondhand, innovating, and collaborating - proving that though conscious consumption can mean something different for everyone, it's about testing boundaries and stepping outside the box.

Designer Jessi Arrington packed nothing for TED but 7 pairs of undies, buying the rest of her clothes in thrift stores around LA. It's a meditation on conscious consumption -- wrapped in a rainbow of color and creativity.


How and why, as a designer, Suzanne grows materials using minimal resources and living organisms like bacteria. And why we should look to biology for solutions to the smart, sustainable consumer products of tomorrow.


At TEDxSydney, Rachel Botsman says we're "wired to share" -- and shows how websites like Zipcar and Swaptree are changing the rules of human behavior.

Moral of the Story: Conscious consumption can wear many hats. Choose the one that fits you best.