9 Pieces of Jewelry With True Silver Linings

Some ladies are silver girls, some ladies are gold girls. Hands down, I'm all about silver. I've worn my six favorite silver staple pieces for years, and have the jewelry tans to prove it. And all these pieces have a backstory. They have become more than accessories. They are daily reminders of special people, places, and events. 

Likewise, the pieces below have a rich backstory that you can build off of as you incorporate them into your everyday wardrobes. The Base Project bracelet is designed by artisans in Namibia and cast in local NY factories. The Half United Jude Necklace is made from upcycled bullet casings from shooting ranges and each purchase provides seven meals for children in need. The Giving Keys products are each engraved with a message of hope or encouragement that is meant to be shared with someone who needs a little encouragement. These pieces are not just made from silver, they all have silver linings.

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