Parekh Bugbee: Scarves that Capture Inspiration Wherever it Exists

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Life is a culmination of endless journeys. The experiences gained, in inspirations garnered the impressions made. Fashion too, is an expression of those same journeys. It is more than just clothing. It is an art. It is a language. It is documentation of your travels. It is a representation of who you are and what you want to be. Sadly in the age of fast fashion too often the beauty, precision, story and craftsmanship is lost. In the age of Instagram where we are so desperate to stand out, we all wear a variation of the same thing. 

Thankfully many brands strive to preserve the true essence of fashion. One of those brands is Parekh Bugbee, a brand where tradition, craft, artisanship and art are core tenets of their design philosophy. From a crossroads of modern elegance, simplicity and old world technique, Parekh Bubgee has woven a story and honed a style that transcends generations, honors culture, and lives up to fashion in its truest sense. It is wearable art that preserves the rich traditions of India's past while inspiring visions of a bright energetic future.

For designers Payal Parekh Bugbee and Geoff Oliver Bugbee, their journey together started by a shared love of design, art and India. Drawing inspiration from Indian heritage, a background in fashion design and a lifetime of world travels, Parekh Bugbee is the expression of two visually inspired individuals as they follow their bliss and set out to create a contemporary brand around time honored traditions. Years later, an endless unfolding of silkscreen prints, both Eastern-inspired and modern, on scarves, shawls, stoles, and clothing for women and men have settled in luxury boutiques around the world. Their mission is to offer the "finest collections of artisan clothing, women's scarves, stoles and shawls all crafted by hand. In short it is wearable art." 

Parekh Bugbee scarves are an invitation to explore both the traditional and modern: delicate paisleys plucked from a timeless era, inspirations derived from the ancient beauty of Indian temples, impeccable fine lines, or Indian-inspired chevron prints with a twist.  For the designers it's about "the fine print."

We celebrate the beauty work of Parekh Bugbee and agree with their view that inspiration is everywhere.