Ruh Roh... Donald Trump Making Indonesia Great Again?

Add this to the list of contradictory statements Donald Trump has made. A recent BuzzFeed investigation found that Amazon lists suits from Trump’s clothing line as both “Imported” and “Made in the USA.” Besides the obviously that both can't be true, it's also illegal to claim clothing is made in the USA, which as it turns out, Trump's suits are not.

After a few BuzzFeed staffers ordered the suit, they found it made in Indonesia. 

Although a few weeks back according to an Amazon user's comment, the Amazon had them listed as "Made in China." This sadly means, Trump has no idea where his clothing was made, which likely means that it is produced shady manufacturing subsidiaries that use sweatshop labor conditions. 

Like Donald Trump himself, this suit is undoubtedly toxic and we recommend you stay as far away as possible.