Clean Out Your Closet Responsibly With These Clothing Recycling Programs

As the seasons change and the wind gets a bit chiller, you’re going to need more space in your closet for all those warm heavy sweaters (we’re talking to you Bostonians). Now we’d never advocate getting rid of clothing; fashion should never be seen as disposable. But if you must, here are two programs that help you recycle your old clothing responsibly.


A recycling initiative from our retail partner site, Modacycle is the ultimate feel good story. Instead of lugging old clothing across the city, Modavanti pays the shipping so that you can recycle that hideous dress that all your friends told you not to buy from the comfort and privacy of your home. Even better, they send you $20 off on your next purchase so you don’t only feel good about recycling, you can feel even better about shopping sustainably! So far, Modavanti is closing in on 10 thousand pounds that they’ve recycled responsibly with their partner Green Tree Textiles.

How do you do it: Easy, visit Modavanti for more details

What happens to the clothing: Modavanti has partnered with Green Tree Recycling. The clothing that’s in great shape is donated to charities and shelters to help those in need be able to wear work appropriate clothing to jobs and interviews. The rest? The vast majority is ripped up, recycled and turned into dish rags. A tiny percentage of t-shirts are sent to charities in Africa.


Did you know the average American throws away 68 pounds of clothing a year? Reformation wants to change that through their RefRecycling program. Every purchase from Reformation comes with a prepaid shipping label, so you can send back a box of used clothing for free (they don't accept winter coats, boots, flip flops, damaged or unusable items). And because they know that those old clothes have sentimental value, they've launched the #outfitofthepast campaign, so you can snap one last photo before you send that outfit away for good.

How do you do it: Make a purchase from Reformation, get a shipping label, send clothes back.

What happens to the clothing: Reformation has partnered with Community Recycling. With each package of clothes you send off, you'll receive number to track your shipments and see where your old stuff is going. You'll also be able to find out the positive environmental impact you made through your Reformation account!

Need more recycling resources? Check out Earth911 for recycling bin locations and more ideas about how you can reduce your footprint.