Recycle Your Clothing Responsibly with ModaCycle

We get it...You’re committed to buying consciously and want to start with that special, new (sustainable) item, but your closet has exactly zero space.  

Take this as your official invitation to clean out your closet, but instead of throwing out those tired clothes (textiles already account for 5% of all landfill waste, after all) send them to us!  We’ll recycle them with our partners Green Tree Recycling who re-donate or repurpose your clothes, all from their New Jersey warehouse.  

In return we’ll give you $20 in Modavanti credits. 

Step 1 - Email us at with the subject line "Modacycle" and we will give you further instructions.

Important note: We are currently not accepting shoes or jewelry (we’re working on it, we promise).

Step 2 - Once we receive your clothes we will add $20 of Modavanti Credits to your account.

Step 3 - Live your life consciously styled and guilt free!

Visit here to learn more: