5 Pinterest Boards for Consciously Creative Weddings

We all do it. Whether we plan on getting married or not, whether we have a special someone or feel like we're forever alone, we lust after all things wedding and imagine our special day in the perfect dress (or pantsuit), with the perfect accessories, at the perfect location. We grew up watching movies and shows where girls would spend hours crafting beautiful scrapbooks filled with their wedding must-haves. Now, we still do the same thing, but our scrapbook of choice is Pinterest. As the season of wedding fever quickly approaches, we've put together a list of some of our favorite wedding Pinterest boards to inspire you to plan a more conscious wedding. Enjoy!


Broke Ass Bride

This blogger and Pinterest maven uses creativity as currency, minimizing the amount of wasteful, unnecessary wedding goodies and forcing brides to think outside the box. Her Crafty DIY board has everything from easy printables to ideas for photobooths and party favors. 



Recyclebank's A Sustainable Wedding Board emphasizes upcycling, recycling, and giving back to the environment through wedding favors like seeds that wish for good things to grow for the married couple. With a slightly more rustic feel than Broke Ass Bride, these ideas are perfect for a warm, outdoor wedding.


DIY Wedding Planner

Though the board name DIY Outdoor Wedding sounds anything but chic, these spaces are transformed in ways more beautiful than you could imagine. From river beds to beaches to forests to deserts, these outdoor weddings are sure to make you want to connect with nature on your special day.


Wedding Chicks

Deciding on the perfect thank you card, invitation, or placeholder can be hard and expensive. The Wedding Chicks' board of Freebies and Free Printables let's you better customize and personalize your wedding. Plus, it means you can find the perfect (recycled) paper to print on instead of going with a typical printer's status quo.


El Dorado Kitchen Sonoma

Inspired by wine country weddings, this Funky, Upcycled Wedding Ideas board is filled with ideas for alternative floral arrangements and centerpieces, as well as creative ways to give 'trash' a new life.

Moral of the Story: Wedding planning is the perfect opportunity to turn trash to treasure, and save money while doing it.