Pastel + Cream Conscious Backpacks For Your Summer / Pre-Fall

Backpacks, once the things your parents stuffed homework and lunches into on the way to school, are not merely practical pieces anymore. Designers have taken a liking to such bags as both practical and stylish, giving them new life via structure, detailing and hardware. Last fashion week we saw these all on the runway - and here they are now - ready to pack. This pastel and cream color story compliments your summer hues, and makes it easy to mix and match. Strap on some overalls, a mini crop top and a fedora for a fully forward look.

Most of the bags in the round up happen to be vegan, as many designers are looking for more conscious alternatives to leathers. One of the stand out brands in this regard is Freedom of Animals - a vegan bag brand that is driven to maintain aesthetics while removing leather. Another innovator in the round up is Freitag who up-cycles trucking tarplins for bag exteriors. I had a Freitag bag made this way for several years - the design paired with the durability makes it the perfect bag for travel. It also has a removable interior which doubles as a secondary tote bag - essential for day trips when traveling. 

Moral of the Story: Backpacks aren't just for students, they're quickly becoming a fashion staple. And if they're conscious, even better!

Jesse Ayala

New York, New York, USA

Developing social good and value-adding products, Ayala seeks to enhance culture and behavior through experiences that address both macro- and micro-level problems. This mantra has led Ayala down an non-traditional career path, linking fashion, technology, performance art, media, education, community building, and design. Ayala has been honored by the Huffington Post and InStyle magazine for innovation and style in the digital new economy. Ayala is the co-founder and Creative Director of