Nike Is Quickly Becoming The World Leader In This Important Category

Nike's annual sustainability report started with this quote from its CEO Mark Parker, "Sustainable innovation is a catalyst for revolutionizing the way we do business and an opportunity that's been integrated across our business in policies, processes and products. We are innovating solutions that benefit athletes, the company, and the world." 

Shows you where they stand, huh? 

Nike envisions a future where circular business models and closed loop products, designed with better materials, made with fewer resources and created to be recycled are not the exception but the norm. And they plan on leading us there.

Already, they are off to a good start. 71% everything it produces contains some degree of recycled materials derived from its own leftovers. According to Mr. Parker, Nike is already investing in and using “low-impact and regenerative materials” and developing "sustainable materials" that they have already begun testing. 

If you walk into a Nike store today, you can already see Nike's plans in motion. Any of the "FlyKnit" pieces are made from recycled polyester, which is really made of recycled water bottles. 

Nike isn't satisfied. With a goal of keeping 100% of its footwear manufacturing waste out of landfills or incinerators and diverting it back into production by 2020, Nike has teamed up with groups such as The Sustainable Apparel Coalition and others to see their vision through. It seems Nike will meet that goal with time to spare after announcing it had managed to reclaim 92% of its scraps already this past year.

While Nike is truly becoming a world leader in recycled goods, it still has a long way to go on its labor standards and practices

Still, the shoe giant's commitment to tackling waste is legit and certainly very promising.

We hope they continue to Just Do It.

To download Nike's complete sustainability report, visit: