New Year, New You, New Wardrobe

It's a new year and (unless you're already fabulous) a new you. So obviously you need a new updated conscious look.

Who else to turn to but Kate Bosworth, Miranda Kerr and the one and only Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Check out their new year war winter looks below. 

Kate Bosworth: When the weather is chilly and gloomy, nothing goes better than blacks and greys. It's easy, understated and still gives you that chic city vibe. 


The Sweater: Patterned sweaters are going to be huge in 2016. Try this handknit Fair Trade certified patterned sweater from People Tree

The Shoes: Show you're international side, with a little nod to London in these classic black buckled monk shoes by Bourgeois Boheme. 

The bag: Everyone needs a classic black carrier purse. Make it vegan with this beautiful 14" chopper bag from Gunas

Denim: Every woman needs a skinny pair of black jeans. Enough said. Get your pair made in Italy from Stella McCartney

Miranda Kerr: Talk about New York chic. The sleek grey overcoat, knee high black boots and the stylish oversized sun glasses. Ms. Kerr's outfit is basically what we aspire to in life.

Tote: Start your outfit off with an on point black tote. Step up your game by making it vegan with this Moa Tote from Angela and Roi. 

Blouse: A blouse isn't always just for summer. Go with a dark color and pair it with a warm sweater or coat and you're good to go. Try this beautifully made blouse from Silvae that's also produced locally in NYC. 

Boots: The boots make the outfit. Try this striking ethically made vegan pair from Cri de Coeur. 

 Jeans: Keep it simple with a pair of classic skinny high-rise jeans. Bluer Denim is even better because they are hand crafted in the US. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Has Rosie ever looked bad? No, no she hasn't. 

dress: Colorful patterned dresses are back in for 2016. Make sure to get your's made in America by Kristinit. 

Fringe Sweater: This fringe is fun and flirtly and can be thrown over any dress to give your outfit that extra wow factor. Try this Milly Fringe that's made in America. 

Tote: Let's be honest... Who doesn't need a vegan Stella McCartney tote

boots: These Cri de Coeur boots are just amazing... and vegan!