7 Fashion Films to Stream Now

You know those guilty pleasure shows that you binge watch while eating a pint of ice cream? For me those shows often include New York-based fashionistas - cue Carrie Diaries and Gossip Girl. But sometimes you have to expand your horizons and watch something that doesn't include the lives of ultra dramatic city girls, right? That's where these films come in. Still linked to the fashion, but more thought provoking, they show a different side of the fashion industry from fashion business mavens to back end production, and they're all on Netflix.

True Cost

Director Andrew Morgan embarks on a journey to find out how our clothes are really made. Throughout the film we are introduced to people all over the world who are part of the fashion supply chain, gaining a better understanding of what the true cost of our clothes actually is.

Bill Cunningham New York

If you don't know Bill Cunningham's story, this is a must-see. Renowned photographer for the New York Times Style section, this 86 year old has an eye for fashion and a ticket to all the 'it' events. We only hope when we hit our 80s we're as spirited as him.

Game Changers: Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour recently lost her glasses for the Mario Testino towel series, but to find out what's really behind those glasses you have to watch Anna Wintour's episode of Game Changers, which gives you an inside perspective from influencers like Vera Wang about just what makes Anna Wintour so special.

Girl Rising

This film showcases the power of education to change a girl and the world. The Catrinka Project, an ethical fashion accessories line that invests in women and girls, was inspired by this movie and their Girl Rising Collection features bags made by artisans in each of the ten countries in the movie, and this film is sure to move and inspire you too.


Advanced Style

These New York divas don't make aging look so bad. This documentary follows seven women as they showcase their unique personal style and fierce personalities. As we watch them thrive in the city that never sleeps, we aspire to be as fashionable and spirited as they are one day.

Gucci: The Director

Ever wonder what it's like behind the doors of a big fashion house? The Director takes you behind the scenes, following Creative Director Frida Giannini's life and work as the creative force behind the brand.

Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf's

Since the nineteenth century, department stores have not only changed the way we shopped, but changed whole communities. This documentary shows us how Bergdorf's changed throughout history, giving us an even deeper understanding of how this store influenced the city and how the city influenced the store.

Moral of the Story: From personal style to human rights to social impact, fashion influences much more than how we look.