Netflix Watching Wear = Ultimate Comfort


Sometimes it is just easier to cuddle up and watch Netflix on Friday night than getting into the mood to socialize. We all have these moments and there is no shame about them. And as soon as you know you're staying in, the agenda shifts directly to comfort wear. Conscious designers from home decor to slipper makers have your comfort right at the forefront. So next time you think about cuddling up with some Ben & Jerry's (conscious ice cream), an organic quilt and maybe a buddy (or teddy) think about doing it with some well designed pieces that focus on both style and comfort. 

Our favorites from this rundown are the coconut shorts from Alas - oh my are these good and just a snippet of their entire eco-friendly sleepwear line. Our second favorite is the heavenly throw. Extremely affordable, this is an essential introduction into eco-home with 100% organic cotton. So soft, warm and easy. 

Also, if you need any ideas on what to watch, check out our roundup of the best things on Netflix right now or watch True Cost - a movie about the ethical fashion industry. Both have super duper thought provoking ideas. 

Moral of the Story: Cuddling up is made even comfier when conscious choices are involved.

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