Launching the Modavanti mOBILIZE Collection

Last weekend we marched in record numbers. Millions took to the streets in D.C., New York, L.A., Austin, S.F., Detroit and hundreds of other cities around the world. From Honolulu to Anchorage, Miami to Maine, women and men came out in mass to make their voices heard. 

We marched too and were inspired not only by the incredible groundswell that the movement has produced but by the humanity, the love and of course the magnificently tongue-and-cheek galvanizing signs. To see men, women, parents, children, people of every faith, color, background and religion was incredibly uplifting. The energy, passion and love, electrifying. The movement can't end here. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 4.09.22 PM.png

We all need to get more involved. As individuals, we are pledging to support organizations doing great work, to call our elected officials and to speak up to injustices that affect us and others. As a tribute to the many heartwarming and funny signs that dotted the march, we are launching a new collection of activist tees so you can continue to wear your values!

Introducing our mobilize collection. If you thought the march was impressive,  just wait til you see how nasty the future will be because we are going to bring it.

While we are facing an uncertain future, one thing is clear: Our voices will be heard, we are ready to mobilize and we will not be denied our rights.

Show your support for women's rights, human rights, animal rights and environmental rights with our made in America Modavanti x American Apparel Mobilize collection.

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