This #GivingTuesday Give $25, Get $25 on

Today, the point of Giving Tuesday for us at Modavanti is to help spread the incredible work our brands are doing and to help them do sales. We give to charity. In fact, this year we donated $6k of our sales to build a well for Mali that will bring clean drinking water to over 170 people which you can read about here: Direct aid is an important part of the equation, but we believe that trade and not aid is ultimately the way that stronger communities will grow and prosper. Over 30 of our brands are fair trade brands in developing countries that are using fashion to empower women, build community, earn enough money to ensure their children can go to school. Over 50 of our brands are US brands that are part of the fabric of their local communities. These are the brands that we believe in and are proud to share with our customers. So this ‪#‎GivingTuesday‬ we've created a fun way to encourage others to learn more about our brands and to hopefully share their stories with friends. Giving of all forms is important, but if we are really to push the sustainable fashion movement forward, we need to celebrate the amazing brands that are changing the world through fashion.

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