Instagram's Most Stylish Conscious Fashionistas

Instagram is our guilty pleasure. What's not to love about scrolling through hundreds of photos of smiling friends, dream destinations, and style icons. We've added these conscious Instagrammers to our feed to give our daily dose of style inspiration a more meaningful spin, and they're not disappointing, so pull up your phones and follow away!

Style Me Sustainable

This sustainable fashion, beauty, and living blog and Instagram account (@stylemesustainable) is run by Jessika Kori, and LA-based stylist and eco-entrepreneur. Her snapshots deliver the "hautest" green fashion trends making sustainability anything but boring.

What Pixies Wear

Sabrina Bianca Schlack of @whatpixieswear explains the importance of conscious fashion on her blog: "The more I get into the matter, the more I know that there is no way around it in the future: a more sustainable shopping behaviour and – when buying new, unused stuff – choosing the most sustainable alternative." And her Insta accounts works to express this.

Johanna Tropiano

SoCal Director of the International Justice Mission and fashionista, Johanna uses #consciousclosets to express the way that we should treat our wardrobes. Styled and photographed by her husband @briantropianophoto, this dynamic duo shows a different side of fashion.

Sustainability in Style

Formerly in the fashion industry, now an environmental scientist, Katie Roberts merges her two passions on her Insta account @sustainabilityinstyle and blog. Her mission is to reduce her negative environmental impact, which is shown through a series of nature shots, lifestyle choices, and sustainable fashion photo shoots. Plus, she loves one of our favorite essentials brands Synergy Organic.


Ashley Morgan (@ashley_morganic) is interested in vegan food, green beauty, and cruelty-free fashion. Through her Instagram account and her blog she shows her journey on an organic, vegan, non-toxic lifestyle and believes that we can be the change that we wish to see.

Bien Faire

Cara Bartlett has spent the past three years mastering the sustainable fashion scene and only buying ethically made clothing. On @bienfaire she shares tips on how to build a wardrobe that reflect your style and your values.

Moral of the Story: Stylish, conscious living is all around you. Just look.