If you have to deal with Winter, At Least Look Good Doing It

Winter sucks. If you aren't on the slopes or drinking hot chocolate by a fire, you're just waiting for summer. So until the weather warms and the summer waters glisten, here are three looks from three celebrity icons that will help you survive winter in style. 


Sometimes in the cold months we are tempted to curl up inside in our leggings and oversized grandpa sweater, instead of braving the outside world. However, Lily Aldridge is a shining example of how we can and should get out in style. She maintains a bit of sex-appeal even in layers head-to-toe. She starts with a glamorous wrap jacket, such as this USA made Kristinit Coat, to add a bit of drama to the outfit. She pairs it with a classic, carry all purse such as this vegan tote by Angela Roi. To complete your conscious look in Lily Aldridge style, try this necklace and these sunglasses


"I'll be there for you, cuz you're there for me too…" We haven't been able to get the theme song for Friends out of our head as rumors of a reunion have been flying around this past week. Pictures are being splashed all over the internet as we all anxiously await to see what becomes of the rumor this time around. 

Seeing photos, we are reminded once again of how Jennifer Anistion's look has only enhanced with time. Caught mid-laugh in this photo, Anniston shows off her sunny personality in this classy winter outfit. Black and caramel tones are a beautiful way to insert a bit of color into what can otherwise become a dark and dreary winter wardrobe. As she shows us, the warmer color brightens up our black staple pieces. These artisan-made boots mimic the feeling of Anniston's for the conscious version. She wears the boots over one of women's most important and frustrating winter pieces: tights. We all know, tights are infuriating as they have the shortest lifespan of any article of clothing. The founders of Swedish Stockings found a solution to this. They melt down recycled nylon yarn, to create a longer lasting and more environmentally friendly option

Now that you have your tights and boots, in order to complete the Anniston look you need a trench. You Must Create designs a stylish, classic trench that fits their aim to offer clothing that will span through many seasons. Top the look off with a Merino wool scarf from Everlane because baby it's finally cold outside… And we are trying to stay warm.

Style icon, Olivia Palermo has not been able to have a fashion "fail" yet. We take notes as she shares her style advice on WhoWhatWear with this powerful statement: 

"Confidence has nothing to do with physical appearance, but looking your best will make you feel your best," she recommends. "Wear something that makes you feel amazing, regardless of trends, and take your time with makeup and hair. Confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy, so keep telling yourself how great you are."

We can't think of a better way to feel confident in your look than knowing what you are wearing is making a positive impact. A good place to start is with a pair of jeans similar to Olivia's from Good Society. This pair is created using minimal water and no chemicals. Next a cozy turtleneck will keep you polished and comfortable in these cold months. The finishing touches is a pop of color in a handbag and a pair of sunglasses. Now you can walk out your door as confident as Olivia Palermo.