Take Back Your Weekends


Looking for ways to take back your weekend? Feel like you get no break after the long week, and then the weekend just adds onto it? Here are 5 easy changes you can make to enjoy your weekend and be relaxed and ready to go by Monday.  If you are dedicated to making the most of your weekend you should make time for the activities you enjoy most.  Apart from eating, and relaxing it’s socializing and exercising.   With Mother's Day coming up, look to make time to spend with your mum! 



1: Be Social


This activity does not include facebook, instagram, twitter, or anything else that can happen through the internet.  Planning and attending one weekend event where you join at least one friend is a great way to take back your weekend.  "Feeling connected and loved are among the biggest predictors of happiness," says Cassie Mogilner, PhD, an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School who specializes in happiness research.  Attending a weekend event with a friend is a great way to leave work behind and connect on a deeper level.


2: Feed your body


Instead of getting home and eating junk food or leftovers from the previous days plan for your weekend meals.  Allow yourself to sit down and eat with your family and friends or a nice quiet meal with your thoughts and let your mind wonder. So many times throughout the work week we are in a rush to eat; to get an assignment typed out, or to finish a phone call.  The weekend is your chance to start and finish a meal in peace, take this opportunity and make the most of it.  Buy cookbooks and experiment with new spices, have friends each bring a dish over for a potluck meal.  Take the weekend to try new styles that you otherwise would not be able to.


3: Break a sweat


When you exercise your body releases endorphins and as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde once put it, “endorphins make you happy.”  Adding a simple workout to your weekend can turn your entire week around and help to start you off on the right foot for the next week.  Even better is working out outside.  Working in a stuffy building all week is not good for anyone, it is nice to be able to get outside whenever possible.  Being able to workout and get a view of nature at the same time is a great solution to both problems.  Try running in a park, or renting city bikes.  Once you open yourself up to the idea there are so many possibilities to get you going.


4: Unplug and Unwind


You may think the ideal way to unwind after a long week at work is to come home and watch TV or scan your social media networks but that is actually doing more harm than good.  For starters any online connection makes checking work related emails, assignments (etc.) far too easy, and social media is limiting the personal interaction you need to help yourself unwind.  There are far to many decisions when it comes to TV to be relaxing after all the decisions you have made at your long week of work.  Sociologists at the University of Maryland found that unhappy people watch 30% more TV than very happy people.  When you get home it is better to unplug to unwind, than to sit mindlessly in front of the TV.


5: Plan Ahead


Weekends are meant to be fun and to help de-stress your life. Making last minute decision and stressing over what activities to participate in or if you have to go is not doing any favors for you.  Know ahead of time if you are going to an event, and who you are going to the event with.  Knowing these two details will save you stress and help you to be more prepared for the week ahead.