How the Jeans Capital of The World is Destroying The Environment



What does it take to produce a cheap mass-produced pair of jeans?

Al Jazeera's investigative journalists traveled to the Chinese city of Xintang, known as the jeans capital of the world, to expose the dirty, dangerous and toxic environment where much of our world's jeans are made. 

There, they find workers risking their health to sandblast jeans, they witness the devastating destruction the denim industry is wreaking on the environment and find a city of millions of people tainted by the toxic sludge from the denim runoff. 

Already several big-name brands, including Levi Strauss, have pledged to end sandblasting, a controversial but fashionable technique used to make jeans look worn, but Al Jazeera's undercover investigation once again reveals that the harmful practice that risks thousands of workers lives continues unabated.

So what is the real cost of making a pair of jeans? And what is the role of the world's leading denim companies in allowing this to continue? Watch the video to find out:

Fortunately, after you do and are totally grossed out. Here are a few companies making jeans the right way.

1. Bluer Denim

2. Agave Denim

3. Kuyichi Denim

4. Levi's 

5. Hudson Jeans