Made in the United States of Hillary

Made in the United States of Hillary. 

Former First Lady, turned senator, turned Twitteratti, turned presidential candidate, turned Secretary of State, turned presidential candidate again is now turned into an online fashion retailer? 

Maybe we should have predicted it given her history as a pant suit icon since her first days in DC. 

Well one thing is for sure, Hillary is not designing these for herself. When was the last time you saw her in a graphic tee? Oh no, like any good designer, she's taken cues from the audience and is giving them what they want.... inspirational and liberal message tees, tanks and hats (and, well, it's a political campaign, what else could you really expect?)

So if you want to show some Hillary pride in the pre-convention, pre-primary stage of the 2016 presidential election start looking here. 

And as any good presidential candidate, she's not messing around with foreign goods. Everything in her collection is a 100% Made in USA with union labor and mostly organic or recycled textiles. 

Future fashion maven, future president? Only time will tell... 

Moral of the Story: If you're going to lead the country, you should make things in the country.

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