We're Celebrating these Incredible Leaders on Women's International Day

Today we celebrate the work of millions of incredible women who are shattering glass ceilings around the world...We are particularly inspired by the leadership of the dozens of women who are using sustainable fashion to create lasting change for their families, their communities and our environment worldwide. From designers like Vicky Tik and Kristina Lenss who are the owners and creative geniuses behind their USA made brands, to the artisan women of brands like Soko, Deux Mains and The Akola Project, who are using fashion to build sustainable economies for fellow women artisans in developing economies, these women are all are showing unbounded passion, creativity, wisdom and leadership in various ways. What is even more uplifting is that these women are not just driven by personal success, they are also committed to giving back and providing opportunity for others. It is their work that will pave the wave for thousands of women designers and entrepreneurs who will continue their work of making the world and the environment stronger for all.