Happy Thanksgiving + Why We Commit to Sustainable Fashion

Like most of you, we woke up two weeks ago in a state of shock. The election felt like a repudiation of the progress that has been made over these past 8 years. But seeing all of your facebook posts and hearing your plans to redouble your efforts to protect our accomplishments and work towards further positive change has served as great motivation to continue our own efforts in regards to Modavanti and sustainable fashion.

Considering the fight that lies ahead, sustainable fashion is more important than ever. Those who have read this blog or heard us speak on the subject, will know that fashion is the second dirtiest industry in the world.

But what is not as well known is how much an agent of change sustainable fashion can be. Yes, we must push back against the big companies that are doing wrong. But we must also support the smaller labels and organizations that are producing the right way as sustainable fashion can be a powerful force for good. 

In fact, sustainable fashion is in the only industry in the world that makes progress on almost every U.N. Millenial Development Goal. Through Modavanti we have worked with many incredible brands that are creating impact through economic development by providing dignified work to textile workers, protecting the environment by reducing chemicals and waste, empowering women by offering them ownership of their artisan co-ops and rebuilding American manufacturing by proudly producing here at home.  

Whether drawn to the craft by an interest in fashion or a desire to create change, there are many designers and brands that are building a better future not just for themselves but for the collective good.

And what enormous good they are making. From The Akola Project, which through its jewelry provides training, jobs, security and hope to women artisans in Uganda; to EcoAlf, which pulls harmful fishing nets and plastic bottles from the ocean and recycles them into high-tech performance wear; to Agave Denim, which sources each detail of their jeans from mills and producers right here in America. These are a few brands making individual efforts. Yet, collectively, they are part of a growing, formidable and sustained movement.

This holiday season, as you buy your presents, it's vital that we vote with our wallets and shop sustainably. Whether you care about your health and buy organic cotton, or look for vegan leather because you are passionate about animal rights; whether you want to support your local economy or promote sustainable economic development abroad, there are hundreds of designers and brands that are standing up for your values. 

Of course, we hope you shop them on Modavanti, but wherever and however you buy this holiday season, it has never been more critical that we buy what we believe and wear what matters.

Thank you for all of the inspiration and good work so many of you have done and for strengthening our faith that yes, together we will all make a difference. It's been a long two weeks but the arc of history will always bend towards progress.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for and much still left to do. Let's do it together!

The Modavanti Team