Halloween DYI Eco-Friendly Hacks for the perfect Spooky Party

Halloween is just around the corner. To get you into the spooky spirit, here are few DYI tricks and fun little additions to add to your Halloween collection. 

1. Turn Ping Pong Balls into Eyes

Grab a few ping pong balls and a sharpie and turn them into eye balls. Stick them in your pumpkin, your scarecrow our make a wreath full of them. Just know once you do, someone will be watching.




2. Add string to napkins and turn them into spider webs.

All you need is a little glue, black napkins and a few pieces of thin string and viola, you've got yourself fun Halloween cocktail napkins 


3. Halloweeny Lights

Now that you've got that string, you can repurpose it to create fun halloween lights. Dig up a few old mason jars, stick a candle in them and wrap orange and black string on the outsides of them.


4. Wax candles in a bowl.

Nothing adds to the Halloween spirit like the light flickering and bouncing off the water from floating candles. You'll need wax candles to keep the lights afloat. 


5. These candles aren't quite as easy to DYI but still spooky and fun. Grab these at West Elm and get into the Halloween spirit.