GO VOTE! Why We're With Her

There are innumerable reasons we're personally supporting Hilary Clinton. But as a business, we looked at the issues that matter not just to us but to Modavanti as well. When we did, the choice was just as easy. We believe in Hillary Clinton... All we hope is that she'll embrace organic cotton pantsuits.

We started Modavanti with the goal to move fashion forward, to showcasing incredible brands that are creating positive social impact for the environment and labor rights and to use business to create impact. That DNA of social good is at our core and it's why we are standing with Hillary Clinton.

Like with most issues in this campaign, the choice between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump could not be clearer when it comes to the environment. 

Hillary has argued passionately about the need for serious action to combat climate change. She has laid out an aggressive agenda to invest in renewable energy such as solar panels, wind farms and geothermal. She has promised to put a moratorium on drilling in the arctic and to end massively excessive tax breaks for companies undertaking oil and gas exploration. All of this is necessary to slow our planet's warming climate and the devastating effects that sea level rise will bring.

Trump on the other hand, finally released his climate change proposals last week. Buried in his “New Deal for Black America” plan, an unusual spot to release policy on climate change, Trump pledged to “save $100 billion dollars over 10 years by cancelling all wasteful climate change spending.” 

We already knew Trump believes climate change is a hoax created by China, but this policy that stifles innovation, progress and job creation is abhorrent. 

Unfortunately, Trump's views on women are no better. By now we all know the infamous tape where Trump jokes about assaulting women, a position that is not out of line with many other negative comments he has made about women and their appearances. This of course, is no locker room talk or laughing matter, particularly in the fashion industry. 1 of every 6 people in the world are connected in some way to the fashion industry. 80% of these workers are women. And in an industry with some of the most complex supply chains in the world, abuse, particularly against women laborers, goes unchecked and unreported. More needs to be done to end violence, sexism and intimidation in the workplace.

Hillary has fought for women's rights her entire life and has been a champion for women worldwide since her famous line in Beijing when she said "Human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights." As secretary of state she continued this fight for equality around the world, working on agreements to provide opportunity for women in developing countries, strengthening and enforcing laws and against human trafficking and sex trafficking and constantly promoting women's health initiatives. These issues are of paramount importance to our brands and the artisan women they work with. 

Another area of great concern for many of our brands is trade. This is an policy position that many say Trump has an advantage on. For months, we've heard Trump talk about how "Mexico is killing us on trade" and how Chinese leaders are "ripping us off." We share concerns when it comes to TPP, but we are not against free trade. We believe in fairer trade and agreements where our US manufacturing revival is further supported. We believe that American manufacturing can thrive while artisans in India are still able to reach US markets. We want our designers that proudly choose to make their clothes in America to be able to do so without facing a competitive disadvantage. Trump is not the candidate to ensure this.

Trump, for all his bluster, is ignorant on trade and complex issues it involves. Furthermore his insulting rhetoric will damage our world reputation and relationships. While Clinton's original blanket embrace of TTP is far from ideal, she is far better suited for complex negotiations that will honor the American worker and provide support for artisan communities and micro entrepreneurs around the world.

Finally, we also stand with the former secretary when it comes to small business policy. Donald Trump has promised billions in tax cuts to startups and small businesses. Trump has promised no businesses big or small will pay more than 15% in tax. This would bankrupt the country or force draconian cuts elsewhere. After multiple non-partisan organizations slammed the proposal, he has changed and removed the language in his campaign literature but not on the stump. Either way, he is lying in one instance or the other. Meanwhile, Clinton's plan to unlock capital, particularly for minority business owners and to support entrepreneurs through incubators, mentoring, and training to programs is exciting and what is needed in a 21st economy.

Overall the choice for entrepreneurs, environmentalists, labor activists and US manufacturing is clear. Hillary is far from perfect in our business perspective, especially when it comes to TTP and her broad support of GMOs. This being said, there is no comparison. For those who believe in supporting conscious consumerism, women's rights, the environment, fairer working standards, small businesses and the promise of entrepreneurship the choice is clear. We stand firmly with her.