6 Conscious Products That Celebrate LGBTQ Pride

As of this morning the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage is legal across the entire United States. Yes, you read that correctly! In what has seemed like a never ending battle, it is hard to believe it is true. This comes at the the last weekend of LGBTQI pride, and oh what a celebration it will be this year. Since last June, the fight for LGBTQI equality has charged forward on so many fronts from Caitlyn Jenner coming out and breaking the internet, to Transparent winning the Golden Globe for best actor and best TV series, musical or comedy this January. It is hard to imagine that almost 20 years ago America was shocked as Ellen Degeneres came out on her show and in real life first as Lebanese and then as a Lesbian (watch the clip to get the joke).  

But influencers in culture and politics are not the only ones taking stands. Companies and brands alike are defending equality in the workplace and developing products to honor, celebrate and ruffle a few feathers about why equality is important. From the kerfuffle that happened this year with Indiana's 'anti-gay' laws and businesses threatening their place in that state to Chipotle blowing up on Reddit last week about a gay burrito float, we are seeing businesses take a much more active role in changing society for the better. We've put together a list of a few products that are changing the way we think and promote LGBTQI equality and conscious culture. 

Moral of the story: Consciously support the move towards LGBTQI equality 



Jesse Ayala

New York, New York, USA

Developing social good and value-adding products, Ayala seeks to enhance culture and behavior through experiences that address both macro- and micro-level problems. This mantra has led Ayala down an non-traditional career path, linking fashion, technology, performance art, media, education, community building, and design. Ayala has been honored by the Huffington Post and InStyle magazine for innovation and style in the digital new economy. Ayala is the co-founder and Creative Director of Modavanti.com.