Turtles Rock Recycled Swimsuits

It's not everyday you get to see turtles in recycled swimsuits. No the turtles weren't being modest. Rather a team of scientists at the University of Queensland's School of Biological Sciences has ben trying to study the eating habits of loggerhead sea turtles. To do so, the team was tasked with collecting the turtle's solid waste, which you can imagine is a bit tricky in sea water. So the team devised an simple fail safe solution: turtle diapers (we're giving the turtles the benefit of the doubt by calling them swimsuits). Best of all, knowing how vital saving the ocean is to these little guys and the millions of other species that swim our seas, the team made sure to use upcycled swim shirts from a thrift store. 

Talk about clever and responsible scientists! Alas the baby turtles weren't able to show off their new styles as they were removed before the scientists released them back into the wild.