Celebrating Artisan Fashion in Madison Square Garden

Last night hundreds of people turned out to celebrate and promote artisan fashion during the first annual Impact Garden on center court of Madison Square Garden. Spearheaded by supermodel Heide Lindgren, sustainable fashion retailer Modavanti and the Cordes Foundation, Impact Garden aims to support wellness and sustainability while utilizing fashion to help bring an end to poverty. The event brought together 15 artisan brands from around the world to Madison Square Garden to make a difference.

“Impact Garden, so generously hosted by Madison Square Garden, was the result of the ideas, passion, and hard work of a tremendous group of people that have come together with variations of the same mission: having a positive impact,” says Heide Lindgren, Host Committee Chair, “We all are working towards the same goals and, personally, nothing matters more to me than doing whatever we can - as individuals and as companies - to make this world a little bit of a better place.” 

The launch of Impact Garden is a global game changer,” says Julie Colombino, CEO of REBUILD Globally, “It is a catalyst for industry leaders and influencers in the fashion industry to join forces and support social businesses that are propelling an ethical fashion revolution."  

The first ever yoga session to be held on the court of Madison Square Garden was led by supermodel, activist and yogi Angela Lindvall. The session featured 150 participants, all of whom went home with colorful eco-friendly, biodegradable yoga mats by Yoga Design Lab. 

yoga (5 of 1).jpg

After yoga, Impact Garden opened its marketplace, featuring 15 artisan brands from over seven countries around the world including Haiti, India, Kenya, Afghanistan, Colombia, Rwanda, and Guatemala. The artisan brands included Raven & Lily, All Across Africa, Parekh Bugbee, Callina, The Way U, LOVE IS MIGHTY, Deux Mains, Mercado Global, Zarif Designs, Sasa Designs, Soko, Kopal, Pima Doll, Indigo Handloom, and Article22. These brands can be purchased online at Modavanti.