Eco-Friendly Summer Sunglasses That Take Your Look to the Next Level

 Image Credit: Mosevic

Image Credit: Mosevic

Not all glasses are created equally. Some shatter at the first accidental fall, while others seem to be able to go through hell and high water without a scratch. Sunglasses are such a staple in personal style - and a good pair can take an outfit to the next level. I hate to admit, I almost feel naked without my sunnies. I have two pairs that I rotate back and forth between - one handmade in Italy, the other handmade in France - each strikingly different from the other catering to my mood (and current eyebrow situation). 

Our top shades for the season are both stylish and created with ingenious manufacturing methods. These are true all-star sunglasses!

My favorite sunglass story from the bunch comes from Mosevic. They are writing denim's next great chapter by taking sheets of denim and building them into three dimensional, sturdy structures like sunglasses. The brand, new to the glasses industry, has been developing the technology in the background and recently completed a successful Kickstarter to push the brand forward. These are truly unlike anything on the market right now.  

Shwood, who also made our cut, recently did collaborations with Mercedes Benz and Pendleton. Their northwestern outdoorsy aesthetic paired with hipster sensibility makes each new model better and better in aesthetic and quality. 

Moral of the Story: The right pair of sunglasses lets you show your style and your attitude. Knowing their story makes them even sweeter.

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