You'll Never Guess Which Award-Winning Musicians Are Eco-Friendly

Summer is about music festivals, driving with your windows down and music blasting, lazing at the beach or park with your favorite jam on, having impromptu dance parties in your friend's already cramped loft. It's about building relationships and making connections with music. These artists' music is made even sweeter by their conscious lifestyle choices.

Justin Timberlake

We may remember JT's days of frosted tips, "Bringin' Da Noise" in NSYNC, but oh has he grown up since then. Not only has he cleaned up, put on a "Suit and Tie", and brought "SexyBack", has also been honored at the Environmental Media Awards for spearheading an eco-friendly golf course in Tennessee. This golf course is designed to limit its impact and enhance the surrounding environment. It was the first to be GEO Certified and receive an Audubon Classic Sanctuary certification. Additionally, on his 2010 tour he attempted to create a carbon neutral footprint, and has continued to be conscious of the environment over the years.

pharrell williams

Pharrell Williams 

Pharrell Williams is anything but "Happy" about climate change. In a recent speech at the UN, he emphasized that "we’re in trouble, but we can change that. This earth is our home." Though Pharrell is trying to fight climate change in a variety of ways, the most notable one is his partnership with Al Gore to create the Live Earth music event, which will occur in November, right before the UN climate change summit in Paris.


Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson believes in the power of "Good People". He started the All At Once, an organization which promotes Sustainable Local Food Systems and Plastic Free Initiatives. He made this a priority on his 2014 tour: "Supporting local farmers at each stop is important to us. Along the way we have met many amazing non-profit groups that promote local, organic, and sustainable food in their communities and schools." The Here To Now To You tour also had many greening initiatives including using sustainable biodiesel, recycling and working to reduce waste, and making merchandise from sustainable material.


Alexis Krauss

Lead singer of Sleigh Bells, a local Brooklyn Band, Alexis Krauss is a conscious beauty fanatic. Self described as a "passionate environmentalist," Alexis wanted to transform the beauty industry, so she started a blog called Beauty Lies Truth with her friend Jess. This blog's mission is complete with product suggestions, industry information, interviews, and more for those who want to clean up their beauty routine. The standards for products on their blog are cruelty-free and abide by the EU's much stricter standards about ingredients in beauty products. 


Dave Matthews Band

The Dave Matthews Band is known to "Dive In" and take the lead on environmental initiatives both in their community and on their tours. They are founding members of the Green Music Group, which facilitates large-scale greening of the music community. They also started the BAMA Works Fund to bolster art and environmentalism in Charlottesville, VA, and at their concerts they have implemented many greening initiatives to cut down on their carbon footprint and waste.

Moral of the Story: Musicians are using their influence for good, and it's making their music sound even sweeter.