Done Good: The App for doing Good over the Holidays

We've been waiting for an app that could help inform shoppers about stylish sustainable alternatives and provide them an easy way to shop brands that matter. So when we heard Done Good was launching, we were thrilled! Done Good is a new browser extension and mobile app which helps you choose ethical and sustainable options when you shop for anything online. All you need to do is download the free extension, and when you search for say, "dresses," DoneGood will provide search results for products and  businesses that are committed to supporting workers' rights and environmental protection.

As a company, DoneGood's mission is to "build tech products that lead U.S. consumers to new businesses you can feel good about supporting." The extension works by scouring the earth for brands making unique products that are built-to-last, while at the same time supporting their workers, lifting people out of poverty and preserving the environment.

The best part is that you don't have to change your routine. Simply search on Google or Amazon or visit a company website say Bloomingdales or J. Crew, and when there's a DoneGood company that is a match, the extension provides it as a better option.

Modavanti is already proud to be a partner and has been featured in the new DoneGood browser extension. As a further incentive to for you to support the card, we’ve provided a $20 off discount code for all extension users. ;)

To get the discount you can download the extension here. 

How it works:

    -Install the free extension  

    -Shop online like you normally would—search on Google or Amazon, or visit company websites such as Bloomingdales or J. Crew

    -When there’s a DoneGood business that has the kind of product you’re looking for, the extension shows you a small alert

    -And you get exclusive discounts with DoneGood brands, so you can save money and do good at the same time

That’s it! You find better, more unique stuff and can feel good about where your money is going—all with no extra effort on your part.

When you support a DoneGood company, you help them succeed.  The more they succeed, the more others businesses will follow suit.  Eventually, even the big guys start to change.  The world gets better. Just because you bought something you needed to get anyway. So go on and do good this holiday season!