Dial 1-800-UN2-SAVE-H2O

In what has become a successful fundraising tradition, UNICEF, in partnership with creative agency Droga5, has marked World Water Week with their UNICEF Tap project. Harnessing the behaviors of a generation and society glued to their mobile phones, UNICEF challenges participants to 'give up' their phone, and by doing so they 'give' individuals across the world access to clean water. 

The project has attracted big name sponsors like Armani this year, and for the past six years, to contribute sales to this UNICEF water fund. This retail partnership supplements the phone challenge that unlocks 1 day of clean water access for every 15 minutes your phone remains still. The motion sensor on your phone monitors your movements, while your screen exposes you to information about global water access. 

While the campaign sounds a bit heavy, it is actually quite brilliant. Your phone taunts you to touch it while keeping you captivated through great imagery and educational material. The experience also constantly measures your impact and proximity to the next benchmark, incentivizing you to sit on your hands for just a few minutes more. 

What we love about this project is that anyone can do it. When thinking about creative solutions to climate change, we look to the successes of this project to help us 'unlock' our own ideas. 

To learn more about the UNICEF Tap Project, visit: http://tap.unicefusa.org/ 


Jesse Ayala

New York, New York, USA

Developing social good and value-adding products, Ayala seeks to enhance culture and behavior through experiences that address both macro- and micro-level problems. This mantra has led Ayala down an non-traditional career path, linking fashion, technology, performance art, media, education, community building, and design. Ayala has been honored by the Huffington Post and InStyle magazine for innovation and style in the digital new economy. Ayala is the co-founder and Creative Director of Modavanti.com.