Eco-Friendly Breweries Get Crafty

An ice cold beer on a hot summer day is almost as good as ice cream that fights against climate change. And with people justifying their drinking habits with the mantra 'save water, drink beer,' you may even feel like by opting for the fizzy beverage you're helping Mother Earth. But what most people don't know is that making one liter of beer takes, on average, four liters of water. So, surprise, you're not saving water at all. But don't worry, breweries across the country are becoming more eco-friendly, and creating some great craft beers in the process. The Cultureist put together a great list of seven eco-friendly breweries across the country, one of which our editors recently visited.

Stepping into Brooklyn Brewery, the first New York business to run on 100% wind-generated power, we were met by the rich smell of malt and hops. After receiving our tickets for a free half hour tour of the facilities, we were ushered to a counter to buy beer tokens - $5 per 12 oz beer or $20 for five beers. As local New Yorkers, we had tried Brooklyn Brewery's lagers and pilsners, but were excited to sample a few less common brews - namely the Greenmarket Wheat, which is described as a 'celebration of New York State agriculture, uniting local ingredients to create a beer with a mission.' Sourced from local farmers, Greenmarket's proceeds go towards GrowNYC's mission to revive New York's grain industry and provide support to family farms, farmers markets, community gardens and other agricultural projects. Even better, all of our beer was served in completely compostable, plant-based cups. 

The tour itself was pretty basic, at least to those who have been to the Guinness Brewery experience in Dublin, but seeing a local and eco-friendly brewery in action, and tasting some of the most affordable brews in Brooklyn, is worth a trip to Williamsburg. 

Moral of the Story: Sustainable (and fun) businesses may be right in your backyard.