Could you Love Emma Watson any more?!? Yes. Always Yes.


Emma Watson, social activism's poster child, has been in the news the past few weeks regarding her interview with Malala, the young woman behind the Malala Fund. Here are the highlights of the event: Emma Watson speaks with Malala about her powerful story shared via recent documentary He Named Me Malala, Malala declares herself a feminist in the interview relating back to Emma's respected United Nations speech a year ago, and Emma reflects in a heartfelt facebook message. In the message she says the following in reference to feminism:

"I want to make it a welcoming and inclusive movement. Let's join our hands and move together so we can make real change."

While she is referring directly to feminism, her words carry a message that can be applied to taking a stand for matters of importance. Emma is also a strong advocate for Fair Trade and demonstrates the truth of her words by working to help design ethical clothing for People Tree. Dress like her in a handwoven scarf, vegan bag, made in the US leggings, and organic cotton beanie. That's a look to make Emma proud. We could all do to "join our hands" and move towards a more conscious future.


The stunning model, Alessandra Ambrosio, dresses in airport attire worthy of a gold star. The beauty of the outfit lies in its effortless glamour. She wears an air of "I woke up like this" in the casual tee, denim, and tousled hair. By throwing the coat overtop, she instantly elevates the look with its drama and yet remains comfortable. Plus, a fluffy coat can double as a cozy, cuddle buddy on a long flight. Silvae designs a similar USA-made coat, perfect for recreating Alessandra's look. Style it over these black jeans, this t-shirt, and top it off with these sunglasses. You'll be looking in the mirror and singing Beyonce to yourself in no time.


The ever classy and feminine Jessica Alba teaches us how easy it is to style tights for the fall and winter. Who says piling on layers to stay warm can't look great? A cute, printed shift dress, paired with a hat, and booties is an easy equation to follow for the chilly months to come. Have fun mixing and matching with cardigans, coats, and jewelry. Before know it, you will forget all about that little, summer crop top and flirty skirt you like to wear. 

Start with the Farima Tunic Dress by Raven + Lily to capture the graphic vibe of Jessica's dress and, bonus points, help empower Afghan refugees living in Pakistan. Also, the beautiful hand-embroidery on cotton voile give the dress a truly special touch. Next put on organic tights with winter staple, black boots. Finally, grab your embossed handbag and you're ready to hit the street in perfect, Jessica Alba fashion.