Conscious City Guide with the Bharani Effect: July 24 Edition

The Bharani Effect aims to provide inspiration to live in harmony with the earth, each other & ourselves through a weekly conscious city guide + profiles of people, places and products from around the globe. They've partnered with Row+Rue to share conscious events with us each week. View the complete city guide here.

 Source: Milkwood

Source: Milkwood

Sydney. AUS.
Fermentation Workshop

WHAT –  Fermentation Workshop w/ Milkwood
WHEN –  Sunday 26 July

Join us for a delicious day of hands-on fermenting – you’ll learn how to make everything from krauts to kombucha and kefir too, and we’ll send you off with everything you need to get fermenting at home.

Take one look around your kitchen and you’ll find pre-fermented foods in nearly every cupboard. Pickles, sourdough, cheese, yoghurt, kimchi, sour cream, miso as well as beer and wine.

Have you ever thought of making these from scratch but have no idea where to start?

Well, wonder no more! We invite you to join us for a hands-on day of skilling up in all things fermented, taught by friendly experts to ensure your future fermenting success.

 Source: Lana Purcell

Source: Lana Purcell

Melbourne. AUS.
Mandala Workshop 101

WHAT –  Mandala Workshop, Geelong
WHEN  –  Friday 31 July

Did you know that the process of mandala design is MORE meditative than colouring in and a fantastic way to express yourself and get into a calm state of being. 

Lana Purcell, illustrator of the ebook "Colour Me Happy"is hosting a special "How to Mandala" night in Geelong on the 31st of July. Held in the beautul Garden House we have limited spaces available to come and experience the magic of mandala design. 

On the night of a full moon a glass of mulled wine awaits you on arrival. A beautiful space will be set with all supplies for you to learn to mandala. Warm yourself by the outdoor fire under the blue moon before you are guided through a relaxed class on the process of mandala design.  We promise that even with no artistic flair, if you follow the process you will leave with a masterpiece!  This will be a great night to share with friends and we will finish with stunning raw desserts by the talented Eileen from Raw Ambition. As well as taking home all your materials you will also take home a printed copy of Lana's Colour Me Happy colouring book!

 Source: GearCave

Source: GearCave

Los Angeles. US.
Living Home Tour

WHAT –  Santa Monica Living Homes Tour
WHEN  –  Friday 7 August

We hold weekly, scheduled tours at the first LivingHome in Santa Monica, California.  This LivingHome, designed by Ray Kappe, FAIA, was the first home in the nation to be certified LEED Platinum and the only residence in the country to win the AIA's top sustainable award in 2008.  It is comprised of eleven modules and it was assembled in 8.5 hours.

Please visit our website for more information. "Here's what we're doing.  We work with leading architects to create lines of homes that feature modern form and functionality and an unprecedented level of healthy/sustainability materials and energy systems."

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at LivingHomes

 Source: Smore

Source: Smore

New York. US.
Live Drums & Buti Yoga

WHAT –  Live Drums, Buti Yoga + Green Drinks
WHEN  –  Thursday 30 July

LIVE DRUM Buti Yoga + Smoothies = An Evening to Release & Renew

Buti Yoga to LIVE DRUMS: Sweat it out, dance it out, unleash your tribal shakti power!

Releasing Ceremony: shed what needs to be released now so that you can create the life of your dreams

Renew Your Body: nourish yourself with detoxifying and rejuvenating organic green smoothies.

Join our Tribe for a night that sets you up to Thrive! You can count on leaving on an energetic HIGH from live drums, smoothies, & Buti goodness that will energize and inspire you to create the life you love! Mix and mingle as you enjoy your drinks - price includes one 16oz organic superfood green smoothie.

 Source: Carly Grace

Source: Carly Grace

London. UK.
Guided Meditations

WHAT –  Guided Meditations w/ Carly Grace
WHEN  –  Thursday 30 July

Welcome to Guided Meditation classes, if are you are a beginner to meditation or an avid meditator these classes will support you.

Each week we will be exploring various styles of meditation so that you can see what works for you as well as broaden your understanding of meditation. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience peace in your busy lives, re-set with gentle guidance and support, deepen your practise of meditation, gather with like minded people and connect deeper with yourself in a supportive environment. 

The classes will run for 6 weeks, you are welcome to join them all or drop into classes week by week. Carly provides you with a meditation recording to listen to in between classes

6 classes £60 (save £30), Weekly class £15 pay on arrival

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