Conscious City Guide with the Bharani Effect: August 7 Edition

The Bharani Effect aims to provide inspiration to live in harmony with the earth, each other & ourselves through a weekly conscious city guide + profiles of people, places and products from around the globe. They've partnered with Row+Rue to share a few conscious events with us each week. View the complete city guide here.

 Source: Brooklyn Grange

Source: Brooklyn Grange

New York. US.

WHAT –  Brooklyn Grange Flagship Farm Open House Tour
WHEN  –  Wednesday 2 Sept - BOOK NOW

September is the month of epic harvests.  We spend the summer counting the days until our favorite crops are in season: from crisp, flavorful greens to super-sweet, vine-ripened tomatoes, pungent peppers, tangy ground cherries, creamy eggplant, fragrant basils the list goes on.

When the food is this fresh and the harvest this diverse, who needs meat!?  Not us, nor any of the five amazing chefs we've enlisted, each of whom will put their unique spin on our rooftop crops. 

Dinner will start with a cocktail hour during which guests can sip on a summery garden-to-glass cocktail and snack on pickled veggies while watching the sun set over our stunning Manhattan skyline view.  We'll then move on to a family-style, four-course dinner served down the length of a gorgeous banquet table. 

In the spirit of the diversity of September's harvest, and as a nod to an old family tradition, we ask that everyone bring their own plate! Harvest is all about sharing with community and your plates will add color and a bit of your personality to our table, so dig deep into those cabinets and grab your favorite dish.

 Source: She Knows

Source: She Knows

Sydney. AUS.
Worm Faming + Composting

WHAT – Worm Farming + Composting
WHEN –  Saturday 15 August

Want to convert your food waste and organic waste into useful natural fertiliser for your garden? Come along to this workshop and learn how to set up and maintain a worm farm and compost.

You’ll send less waste to landfill and your herb patch, potted plants or garden will have a ready supply of fertilizer and rich soil.

 Source: Torkom Ji/Eventbrite

Source: Torkom Ji/Eventbrite

Los Angeles. US.
Quantum Harmonix

WHAT –  Quantum Harmonix w/ Torkom Ji
WHEN  –  Friday 7 August

QUANTUM HARMONIX® is a one of a kind, sound based healing technology. It uses live synthesis, 432Hz pitch, sacred mathematics, and is performed live, through a meditative state. All produced sounds are in accordance with natural law, natural movement, and structure, and have profound effects on the mind, body, consciousness of an individual.

TORKOM JI is a master sound healer and sonic architect from Los Angeles. He has been facilitating group sound healing experiences since the summer of 2012, and has provided deep meditation and rejuvination for thousands of people using his unique and powerful modality. His sounds have been experienced and at various therapeutic sound spaces at many festivals including Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity, Shakti/Bhakti Fest, Indigo Vortex, Long Beach Love Festival and more. Birthed from his studies of music, vibration, energy and the practice of meditation and martial arts; Torkom has mastered and perfected a system that is known to put people in very deep states of consciousness, with little to no effort. Through the natural movement of these sounds, deep rest is achieved and the bodies own intelligence facilitates an elevated level of healing.